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Hospitality from the heart

Our sense of hospitality pays homage to our family's large, multi-generational gatherings at their farms in the French countryside. The comfort of French home cooking prepared by Lisa and her team, and the sincere pleasure we feel in welcoming and serving you, make Chez Boet as much as joy for us as, we hope, for you. All family members are welcome. We have a healthy children's menu (created by our daughter, Isabella!), and a dog-friendly terrace for well-behaved petits chiens.

We are only as good
as our ingredients!

We source fresh, seasonal produce from local farmers, including certified organic growers. Our beef is Kobe Wagyu, hand trimmed to our specifications by Naples' finest artisanal butcher, and fish is wild-caught from the Gulf of Mexico and northern Atlantic. The majority of dishes on our menu are gluten-free. Our passion for sustainability earned Chez Boet a Green Business Certification from the City of Naples.

our story & philosophy

"American Girl Meets
Frenchman in Paris"
Our story feels like a movie, even to us! Our romance began in Paris and was enhanced by long weekends in the French countryside, where we gathered with Philippe's family and our friends for traditional, home-cooked meals. We used ingredients straight from Philippe's family farms and gardens, and from markets in the surrounding small villages. It's hard to overestimate the innate goodness of fresh, local ingredients and meals lovingly prepared from generations-old family recipes. Years ago, we called it grandmother food, but now people refer to heirloom recipes and ancestral cuisines, giving a name to how we've always approached French home cooking. When we returned to the States in 1994, our dream was to open a restaurant that recreated our family-style gatherings centered on honest home cooking. Naples, Florida, inspired us most, especially the villages of Old Naples and the many passionate diners we met. Old Naples' waterside Crayton Cove captured our imagination most. It is Naples' most historic area and with the pioneer ambiance of Naples' early days as a fishing village. Crayton Cove is nestled around Naples' City Dock and Naples Bay, and our restaurant is a moment's stroll from the water. We opened Chez Boet in 2003 with a commitment to cook with locally grown, organic and seasonal produce and locally sourced seafood. Like our "American girl meets Frenchman" story, we marry extraordinary Florida ingredients to classic French dishes. Another commitment is to welcome diners and their families in a comfortable, unpretentious setting, with the effortless and casual elegance that the French have perfected, like our weekends in the French countryside years ago. 
Lisa & Philippe Boët


Chez Boet French Home Cooking | 755 12th Avenue South | Naples, FL 34102 | 239-643-6177